The Vegetarian Butcher

Plant-based meals surprise participants, sparking connections and love at first bite

Both couples were served the same plant-based menu, with wording tailored to their taste profiles. After revealing that they had eaten the same meal, they were asked if they wanted another date.
Among the participants were Drew Miller, a passionate vegan, and Jonathon Charlesworth, a devoted carnivore. Their romantic meal led to an ongoing relationship.
While not all couples felt a strong connection, everyone was surprised by the plant-based dishes. Meat-eaters even claimed love at first bite.
Joris Philippart, creative director at TBWA\NEBOKO, praised the clients for standing behind an important message: love should not be limited by dietary choices, especially on Valentine’s Day.
Laura Iliffe, senior brand manager at The Vegetarian Butcher, emphasized that a plant-based diet can be lifelong, and that love should not be sacrificed over food choices.

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