The New Originals

Breaking free from ordinary, embracing extraordinary thinking

The video unfolds in three essential parts, beginning with a mesmerizing image of a black box gracefully drifting through the air. According to Rutger, the box symbolizes our conventional thinking, representing the hesitation to venture beyond the ordinary.

Shot in diverse video formats, the footage swiftly builds towards a climactic moment, emphasizing the transformative power of deviant thinking. Rutger explains, “As the characters break free from the box, they experience euphoria—a profound sense of joy and happiness that emerges when we shatter our routine patterns.”
The New Originals aims to forge a creative community in Amsterdam, uniting innovative and like-minded individuals through their distinct line of performance wear. By empowering young creatives with their clothing, their mission is to inspire them to unleash their full potential. Rutger reflects, “This project brought together an extraordinary group of individuals, each contributing their unique creative skills, resulting in an amazing outcome.”

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