Everything you fantasize or dream about can become reality

Deniz Alkac, Executive Producer at Bruut Amsterdam, highlighted the importance of Gen Z’s instant connection with the message. Speaking the language of the target audience was deemed essential, leading to the decision to collaborate with Geerten Harmens (24), a promising director with a profound understanding of how this generation consumed content.
Geerten’s vision for the campaign involved utilizing 2D animation to portray a fantasy world. He explained, “To showcase this imaginative realm, we opted for 2D animation. The key distinction between film and animation lies in the limitless possibilities of animation. Everything you can fantasize or dream about can be brought to life. And that’s precisely why this technique is so fitting for this campaign.”
The combination of Geerten’s directorial expertise and the creative use of 2D animation enhanced the campaign’s ability to capture the target audience’s imagination and engage them with its fantastical storytelling.


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