It paints an unusual picture

In 2022, a significant milestone was reached in the job market, as a record-breaking 400,000 job openings became available. The Employee Insurance Agency reported a mere 3.3 percent unemployment rate among the working population. While this development sparked concerns, Randstad recognized it as an exceptional opportunity for employees.
The campaign introduced a fresh perspective, with companies actively seeking talent rather than following the conventional route. Pim Beekman, the head of campaigns at dentsuAchtung!, described it as an engaging and unconventional image, with directors eagerly lining up to fill their vacancies.
To transform this innovative job application process into reality, a digital event was organized, produced by Bruut Amsterdam. Marketing director Nic Huiskes expressed unwavering confidence in its success, affirming that the campaign had indeed struck a chord. Notably, five of the Netherlands’ largest companies, including KLM, KPN, Just Eat, and Dutch Railways, enthusiastically participated in the event.

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