From top-notch entrepreneurs to modern-day philosophers

Based on eight different stories, we discover that independence is just as much of a mindset as a destination. The independence of top entrepreneur Boris Veldhuijzen from Zanten (The Next Web) is something completely different from the independence the Dutch climbing champion Mirjam Verbeek.
The series portraits the independence of various people with various lifestyles. From top-notch entrepreneurs to modern-day philosophers.
An interview with Joost Esser, creative director at Nieuwe Koffie:
A branded documentary series for a bank! That sounds daring. Why did Nieuwe Koffie choose this form?
Binck Bank’s promise “Independence, it’s in you” is very strong. There is only one drawback to this type of aspirational spells: It’s too big of a concept for people to grasp and identify with. Nieuwe Koffie wanted to give meaning to Binck Bank’s promise through eight real stories. In this series, both typical and atypical authorities in their field shine light on the less obvious routes to independence.
You chose Bruut Amsterdam for this series, why?
To make a documentary, a great vibe between all team members is required. We’ve had that. Bruut Amsterdam is enthusiastic about advertising and telling stories. The connection with and trust in the director has really contributed to this great result.

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