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A multidisciplinary team of ambitious filmmakers. Our expertise shines in creating video content for brands that not only pleases the eye but also effectively resonates with audiences across social platforms and beyond.


We take a personal method to every project, ensuring that we understand your brand, your audience, and your objectives. With in-house distribution specialists, we incorporate a data-driven approach into everything we do. We don’t rely solely on gut feeling; instead, we enhance our projects with statistics, trends, and in-depth research.

From TVCs to TikToks, we create all types of videos including long-form, series, one-offs, documentaries, brand films, and a significant amount of short-form social content with influencers and creators. Whether it’s an extended series with high production value or accessible native social content, there’s nothing we can’t do. We can opt for small agile production teams or, when needed, scale up with talented makers to produce with large, immersive crews.

We don’t just create videos. We also ensure they work for your brand. By distributing videos on the platforms that matter most to your target audience, we drive growth in brand awareness, brand consideration, and even conversion. Whether it’s YouTube Discovery ads, YouTube In-stream ads, TikTok ads, Meta ads, or countless other online and offline advertising platforms, we make sure your audience sees and engages with your video content.


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[Our team ]

[Head of Edit]
Kris Lodewijk
[Sr. Account Manager]
Martijn van Trooyen
[Motion designer]
Mario Signorini
Dex Kerr
[Office & Hospitality]
Lalita Sardjoemissier – Koopman
[Head of production]
Saskia Elings
Fabian Matthews
[Art Director]
Willem van Helvoirt
[Media Director]
David Hoogendam
Sebastiaan Klein
Floor Bunge
[Head of Motion]
Koen Hesselink
[Managing Director]
Stephanie Broertjes
[Head of production]
Fleur Holtzer
Esther IJtsma
[Creative Director]
Suzanne Zonneveld
[Social Creative]
Quinten van Woggelum
Youness Salmoune
Benthe Stam
[Production manager]
Timothy Kasri
[Director & Sr. Creative]
Casimir Mulder
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